Men In Black

Information and reports of M.I.Bs or Men In Black

Who are these strangers called Men-in-Black (MIB)? Arguments for and against do little to resolve this ever-increasing mystery. Are they part of our own "Secret Government?" Or are they extraterrestrial entities themselves? Often people saying that the faces of these MIB were Oriental looking. And what about the reports of them even being "Robots"? Here are reports and stories so bizarre that many of them defy any sort of earthly explanation, stories of actual UFO sightings and people's harassment by the MIB. Including my own true story when I was a child and the stranger that dared to come.

A Craft Sighting, Plus a Stranger

As I think back on this time in my life, I find it very weird as I learn about more and more of these kinds of sightings.

Not quite sure as I sit here thinking what year it was, but it was either 1960 or '61 in the summer time. It was the end of July or the beginning of August, and I was 8 or 9 years old at the time. I used to travel and spend my summers with my Aunt, Uncle, and 3 cousins (twin girls Denise and Darlene, and my other cousin Butchie). All of this took place in a small town where they lived in Trappe, Maryland, which is right outside of Cambridge.

One evening after we had finished our dinner and were all cleaning up, Butchie went outside to take out the was about 8PM-8:30PM the light was still strong. It had been a very hot day. In fact, this was a week of a considerable heat wave going on. All of us girls were cleaning up the dishes when Butchie came running in SCREAMING, "There is something flying in the back field, hurry come see!" The backfield that he was talking about is a baseball field that sits behind the local church.... we had always played there. In fact, in this small town it was the only place to play.

So my Uncle Butch, Butchie, my other 2 cousins and I ran out the door and through the backyard until we came to the ball field. At first, what we saw was so unbelievable that we just stood there, but being children I guess we wanted a closer look, and we walked through the gate to the first-base side dugout. Then we even proceeded to climb it to be closer to this thing, while my uncle stayed on the ground!

It was silver-gray in color, as I now call pewter and we didn't see any windows or doors (or for that matter, any kind of seams like you would see on a plane). I have only seen this type of craft in a few pictures, but it was the kind that had what looked like 3 large balls underneath it. This Craft was about 90 feet in diameter... we pretty much had the size down since it was much bigger than the baseball diamond which runs 60 feet from base to base. The oddest thing I really remember was how it was just hanging there.... there was almost no noise at all except for a very slight hum (but I must repeat, very slight!). A few of us even tried to touch this thing flying there. It was about 10 feet off the ground, and about 20 feet from us, but since we were on the dugout it seemed like it was sitting right in our laps.

While we sat there we had to keep on covering our eyes, as dust was being kicked up by the craft and at times was flying into our eyes. My Uncle did nothing but stand there and watch. We chattered, asking, "What is it?" and "How come there is no sound from something this big?". After a few minutes this craft started to lift up ever so slowly, and it just kept on going straight up until it was like a helium balloon so far up that you could hardly see it. Then it just took off.

People have asked me "Did you have any sun burn?" No, there were no marks at all, or any kind of burns on us. I have also been asked if there was any missing time. I know there was not.

Now the final part of this story is very strange. My uncle worked for the Marine State Police in Maryland, and after this happened I knew he had called someone about this sighting because he was very excited. Us kids went upstairs to watch out the window (I think we spent half the night doing this). After my uncle finished his phone call, he was walking around the place like a cat on a hot tin roof. I'm not really sure if he was upset or nervous.

The next day when my uncle came home from work, he called us kids together for a sort of pow-wow, but we knew something was wrong because he was physically upset. When he started talking we knew he meant what he said. He told us that we were never to talk about this to anyone, and we were to keep our mouths shut! He said we didn't see anything...and he kept repeating "DO YOU UNDERSTAND".... I will never forget this because we were all trying to say "But, BUT!" and he kept saying to "SHUT UP", repeating it over and over, and that we were not to talk to anyone about this thing we saw or we could get into big trouble! So of course we all told him that we would not say anything.

Later that day was another thing! We were told to stay inside the house until we were told that we could go out again. As we stayed in the house, we started to see people walking around out back, heading for the baseball field. They were carrying some kind of instruments, but being young I didn't know what they were doing. For the rest of that day they were there. The following day they returned, and we started to watch them again when we began to comment on a strange person that was just standing there. The reason we noticed him was that he was wearing all BLACK, which was strange since it had been very hot the past few days we all knew that black clothing drew heat. This person never spoke to anyone and just watched, dressed in black with a hat that was also black, but really looked to big for his head.

This person, did not approach anyone, or even talk to anyone that we could see, he was just watching what was going time went by he just vanished...and who had told my Uncle to quiet us? The threat of this person or persons remained both nameless and faceless. Even going to my Uncle's grave of which he never talked to us about it!

After this sighting this pretty much had set the tone for me, into reading about other worlds and the strange happenings going on, but it wasn't until 88' that I started to dig around to find some truths...

When They Visit You. Who Are They?

During these strange visitations, the most notable feature that singles these visitors out as more than just members of a UFO group or curiosity seekers is their irrational and eccentric behavior. They often look very normal, except for their dark clothing. Their car, if they have one usually is quite large. They have also appeared to come from nowhere, often, disappearing as fast as they have appeared. The threats that they impose on a person are very demanding.

John Keel author of 'The Mothman Prophecies' and 'Operation Trojan' talks about the MIB activity in the USA during 1965 and 1967. Keel himself professed some experience of these nocturnal meetings with these entities.

In one reported case an individual in civilian clothes, who represented himself as a member of NORAD (North America Radar Defence Network), demanded and received photographs belonging to a private citizen. In another case, a person in an Air Force uniform approached local police and other citizens who had sighted an UFO, assembled them in a school room and told them that they did not see what they thought they saw, and that they should not talk to anyone about their sighting.

In one very strange case in September 1976, Dr. Herbert Hopkins was called in on a consult and to hypnotize a UFO witness in Maine USA, he found himself visited by two of these MIBs, one being a WIB (Woman in Black). The man had lip gloss on his mouth and lipstick smears; he also wore ill-fitting clothes. The woman was physically lopsided. At the conclusion of the by now routine sequence of inane questions this far from the UFO obsessed witness, Dr. Hopkins, was told by the MIBs that they had to go as they were running low on energy!

Robert (Bob) Luca and his wife Betty Andreasson (Luca) have often been plagued with the government type of harassment while living in their home in Connecticut. Since their move, things seemed to have been a bit more quieter for them, but as I was talking to Bob he wrote to tell me of one experience he had had in the 80's. The following is that story:

In the early 1980's, I think 1983 during the winter Betty and I decided to take a trip to Florida to visit Betty's sister who lived in Pompano Beach FL. Normally I would make the drive from Connecticut with only two stops at rest area's to take a nap.

This trip was a little different as we had many delays due to road construction and accidents. We got as far as Lake Worth FL. and decided to stop overnight at a campground were we had stayed in the past while vacationing with our camp trailer.

We pulled into the Lake Worth Campground on Lake Worth Road about a half hour before dark.

As soon as I went into the office I heard two people talking about a UFO sighting over the campground the night before. Being tired and not wishing to engage in a long conversation I said nothing instead I paid for our lot and went back to the car.

We had a car with fold down seats that made a reasonably comfortable bed and thought we would settle in for a good nights sleep and than, in the morning, shower and be on our way. Well, that
did not happen.

As we were stretching out getting ready to go to sleep a baseball sized multi faceted multi colored ball of light drifted into the car THROUGH the closed drivers door.

This ball was illuminated from within and slowly passed through the car from the driver’s side to the passenger’s side. Thinking this was quite unusual I made a mental note of it and again settled down
to sleep.

Later that night, after midnight I heard a car pull in near us and looked out the window surprised to see a dark Cadillac car had pulled up to the rear of our car at a forty-five degree angle. Thinking they were probably trying to beat the campground out of the overnight fee I went back to sleep. I awoke again around three am. Needing to use the rest rooms that were about thirty or
forty yards from us.

As I exited our car without waking Betty; I locked the door behind me. While walking back from the rest rooms I noticed the car parked near us was a black four door Cadillac sedan with the familiar yellow New York license plates. As I approached the left rear of the car all four doors opened at EXACTLY the same time. Four men got out of the car; all were dressed in black suits with black ties, white shirts and black-rimmed hats. These men appeared to be Asian; all were very slender of build and looked very much alike as brothers would. Strangely I felt no fear or threat from these men, possibly because of their lack of size or body weight.

As I passed the car still looking at them they all moved around the car, much as children playing musical chairs, and when they were all exactly opposite of their starting positions they entered the car and closed all four doors again at EXACTLY the same time. The sound was as though only one door had closed. I got into our car thinking wow those guy's are weird.

Some physical proof of the evening’s events was apparent in the morning. First when I turned on the radio and the time came on I noticed the digital clock in the car had gained twenty minutes overnight.

The previous day it was in sync with the time given on the radio. Second the roads in the campground were all laid out like a grid running east/west or north/south. The compass was pointing due north when we parked the night before and now it was pointing almost due east, a change of almost ninety degrees. The compass would never read correctly again. Also when walking around the car with a hand held compass, the compass would point directly to the car as it should, the only exception being the area of the driver’s door where the ball of light had come through. When the compass was near the driver’s door it would spin quickly AWAY from the car even at distances of four to five feet from the car. To this day electrical engineers I have talked to cannot explain the effects on the compass or digital clock except to say perhaps they were subjected to some type of electrical magnetic pulse. This is the closest I have ever come to the MIB and to this day I sure wish I had the presence of mind to ask them what they were doing.

Changing With The Times?

As most MIB sightings go, they are often viewed just like the movie (Men in Black) with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, with their black clothing, sunglasses and Big Black menacing Cars. These were the typical sightings in the early 50's, 60's and even going into the 70's. But now there seems to be a "new" trend to the MIBS. They are often seen now in different color cars, and of course impersonating members of a UFO group or some agency.
The following are true accounts of these strange men.

Last year, Sharon's first occurrence with these individuals was, having a silent black helicopter hovering over her bedroom for about 3 minutes. She only realized it was out there because her dog was going nuts, Then she went outside and bingo, right above her house about 40 feet or so, was the most ominous helicopter. This was in Feb of 1999. It was black with tinted windows and very long blades, silent, no landing gear visible.

It took off gracefully from where it was hovering and flew off towards the naval base on the bay.

In March of 99', Sharon spent the night in a hotel on the beach, kinda to get away from all the strangeness around me at that time.

As she drove to the beach and turned onto the highway that led to Port Aransas, at which time she noticed another helicopter, just like the one that had been over her home. Sharon watched it as it followed her all the way to Port Aransas city limits, where it banked right in front of her car and then flew off towards the Gulf of Mexico.

Unnerved by this event, Sharon kept her mind on getting on with her short journey. She signed into her bungalow on the beach and went for a walk along the beach. She was the only person on this beach, which was odd she had thought. Placed on the sand periodically are port-a-potties made of wood. As she passed the 3rd one she had an eerie feeling of being watched. Sharon kept walking not looking around, until the feeling gripped her in my gut. She turned around and looked up and there above the 3rd potty station was a helicopter, same type. Pointed directly at her. Not a sound did this machine make, all she could hear was the air from the blades. Sharon could not see inside for all the windows were dark. She simply stated to them, that they could do nothing to her. That she was protected and turned herself around and started walking the half-mile back to my bungalow.

Sharon had turned around once; saw that the helicopter had turned to follow her yet it was still in the same place. She decided to walk a little faster, her heart was racing for she realized if they decided to they could take her then and there and no one would ever know. Sharon's family did not know where she was in Port Aransas at this point for she had not called them yet to let them know she had arrived. So she walked very quickly, the helicopter did not follow her, instead it seemed to have "vanished", surely she just did not see what direction it flew off to.

Sharon had went out to dinner that night and got back home and called her husband to let him know she was well. She told him to call back so that the call would be less expensive. She waited for an hour for him to call, before she tried calling him back. In the mean time, Sharon tried to turn on her television, it wouldn’t work, all static, then she tried her CD player that she brought with her, same thing. That is when Sharon decided she would try to get her husband again. She called, the operator said that her number was not a working number, the operator tried several times; she insisted it was not a working number. So Sharon asked her to try a few others (friends numbers) she got the same thing, this even confused her. Sharon finally gave up, called the front desk, and asked that someone come see about her television, the man on the phone was very ummm 'cold' and said, we will have someone with you shortly' and hung up. At this point Sharon remembered she had the cell phone and decided to try to call a friend of hers (a fellow experiencer) who lived in another state. She got through to his voice mail, left him a message that if he had not heard from her by ten am the next morning to get a hold of her husband.

Then she became very sleepy and fell asleep on one of the beds. When she awoke, Sharon thought it was morning and she found herself not only in the other bed above the covers, but was naked as well. With a very groggy mind, she went looking for my clothes. She finally found them in the living room area of the bungalow by the front door on the floor. (A very strange place to be!)

She got redressed (in different clothes) and checked the time, it was 10:30 pm, how could that be? For when she left the message on her friends service it was around 10pm. just 30 minutes had passed? This could not be possible.

As Sharon walked over to the television and turned it on, to see if it would work now, indeed it did and Sienfeld was on, confirming the time for her. She then tried the CD player, and it too worked. Then tried her husband on the phone and got through with no problem. She did not at the time tell him of her strange sleep she had.

She had hung up with him, finished watching Sienfeld and while a part of another show came on she again fell asleep. She awoke from a strange "dream" that really did not feel at all like a dream. The following is what she had recalled!

Getting out of bed after falling asleep, walking down the short hallway running her fingers along the wall as she did, and into the living room area, which was quiet small. There on the couch was a Man, dressed in dark colors, thin tie and the infamous dark glasses. There was another Man standing right at the door dressed exactly the same way. Now here is where Sharon's memory gets all joggled. The next thing she recall is a prick of a needle, and then being told, "You will cooperate and not speak of this anymore, You will not remember this "

She did not recall them removing her clothes, but she did recall one placing her in the bed, she was really out of it. Then her memory ends, or the dream ended.

What she felt is this, the dream was her memories coming forth of them when they were just there. In other words, she fell asleep the first time, they showed up, did their "thing" and she woke up naked, then fell asleep again, and dreamt what was done to her. Partially.

There was a needle mark on her arm, she can tell you that.
When she awoke from the "dream” she really expected it to be late, but it was only midnight. She got up showered, and then showered again. Put on clean nite clothes again, turned the TV way up and ended up falling asleep again without any incident, waking up at then 5am.

Sharon had gone for a walk on the beach, ate breakfast, called home and told her husband she was coming home.

On the way back to the city she realized that she needed to call her friend in the other state that she was able to leave a message with. It was now 10 am, as she called, got his voice mail and told him that she was on her way home and fine.

Later that night at home she contacted that same friend, he told her he had gotten the messages, but had asked her, "Why did you send them right after each other?"
Her friend was in Law Enforcement and his voicemail messages are sure to get through with both times and dates...this system has never failed. Now the message she sent him at 10 pm the night she had arrived in Port Aransas he did not get until the next morning at the same time he got the "I'm on my way home and am safe' message the next day!

Was this a MIB visit? These strangers were very drone in speaking; in fact Sharon didn't recall the one by the door saying anything. She has also had strange vehicles parked outside her home for hours. Tinted windows, odd plates, or no plates, and these vehicles are not always black in color they have been green, white and red.

Impersonating Others?

A man in July of 93' who had taken film of some lights of a UFO on his camcorder from an east coast town loaned it, on their request, to a UFO group. They provided no identification or a receipt (as all reputable groups will these days), and the film disappeared without a trace. That UFO group, as later inquiries established, does not exist.

Jenny Randles, investigator and author of numerous books, also fell victim when a journalist arrived to make a radio program for the BBC. At his insistence she gave him an important tape recording of an encounter at a military base. But he had refused to take a good-quality copy instead of the original. In fact, luckily, he was given another better quality copy (not the original), as he had believed. The program never appeared, and extensive checks with the BBC could identify neither him nor his work.

The Photographing Session Or PIBs (Photographers In Black)

The following is an account by Amy Hebert, whom has had many experiences.

On Friday, May 5th, 1995, around 6:00pm, I was driving to a hypnosis class (for my certification) heading east on a major thoroughfare in Dallas. I saw a flash of light in the car and thought it was some kind of reflection off something but it was cloudy and there was no sun. I saw it again, another flash of light, and I thought some police car might be flashing its spotlight around at various cars or something. I looked at a mall parking lot to my left but no police car was there. I just blew it off and went on driving. Then, I saw it again and I thought maybe it was lightning. Every time the flash lit up the inside of my car. I watched the sky for a minute but saw no lightning.

The fourth time the inside of my car lit up, I saw something out of the corner of my right eye. I automatically turned to my right and saw a man with a camera snapping pictures of my car and me. He was about 35 years old, wearing a black shirt, driving a beige, mid-sized pick-up truck and had a camera in his right hand snapping pictures with the flash on.

He was in the right hand lane even with my car driving parallel with my car. When I turned and looked at him, he took one more picture, put the camera down on the seat beside him, grinned right at me, put on a black, baseball hat or part of some uniform and drove off ahead of me. I realized he had been taking pictures of the back of my car then of me in my car!

For a minute or two, I was stunned. I wondered, "Now why in the hell would anyone be taking pictures of me and my car?" It just didn't make sense. Then I remembered when that black car had chased me, and my vow to chase any car that followed me again. I got angry, stepped on the gas and went after the guy.

Weaving in and out of evening traffic, I caught up with him and stayed right up on his bumper no matter how fast he went. When he stopped for a red light, I got out a piece of paper, slapped it on the dashboard and started writing down his license plate number and a description of him and his truck. He watched me steadily thru his rear view mirror the whole time. I followed him down the road for a while until I had to turn to go to my class. I paid good money for that class and nothing was going to keep me from being there. A few days later, I went to the Motor Vehicle Tax and Registration Office and had them look up the owner of the truck. I signed a piece of paper, paid $3.00 and they gave me a print out of the owner's name listed for that vehicle. I read the printout and died laughing! The owner was listed as "Jo Bob's Used Cars" (not the actual name but almost as

I looked up "Jo Bob's Used Cars" in the phone book, got the phone number and called. When a man's voice answered, I asked him if he was "Jo Bob". He said no, his name was Mike (pseudonym) but he was the owner of the car lot. I asked him if he could tell me more about a beige truck with the license plate #XXXXXX that I had seen on his car lot after they were closed. I pretended I was an interested customer. He wanted to know what make and model but I had to say I didn't know. He laughed and said he could not find the truck I was interested in if I didn't know what kind of truck it was.

I asked him if he could look up the license plates in his files and find the truck that way. He said he'd have to check his files and call me back. But, he kept asking questions so I finally told him why I was calling. I just wanted to know who owned it - or who bought it. He became very defensive. I was not mad I just wanted to know who had been taking pictures of me. I asked him if maybe it belonged to one of his employees. He said he did not have any employees. Finally, he said he would check on the truck in question and I could call him back in 30 minutes. I thanked him and hung up.

About 2 minutes later, my phone rang and it was Mike (owner of Jo Bob's Used Cars). I was surprised that he was calling me because I had NOT given him my phone number. I asked him how he had gotten my phone number and he said he had the "star-call-back system" (some system that will dial back the number that just called). He wanted to know my name. I told him, "You have pictures of me and my car, now you have my phone number, I am NOT about to tell you my name!" He said he was afraid I was planning to sue him. I assured him I did not plan to sue anyone, I just wanted to know who was taking pictures of me and my car and why. He finally agreed to find out who bought the truck and said I could call him back in 20 minutes.

While I waited to call him back, I called the Dallas Police Department and spoke with a police sergeant. The sergeant munched her sandwich while I told her the story over the phone. She said there is no law against someone taking pictures of you in your car - I didn't think there was. I was just checking because friends advised me to. The sergeant suggested that maybe this guy was part of some car-theft ring and they were taking pictures of cars they wanted to steal. I pictured my car and died laughing. I told the sergeant my car was a 1984, Chrysler with fading red paint. It was NOT a car ANYONE would want to steal.

After 20 minutes, I called Mike back at Jo Bob's Used Cars. For about 15 minutes, the line remained busy. Finally, I got through and a man answered the phone. I asked to speak to Mike, he paused and said Mike had gone home. I asked him who he was since Mike said he didn't have any employees. He said he was "John". I asked him what time they closed and he hesitated again. I knew it was Mike and he knew that I knew. We just played the game. I asked when Mike would return and the man on the line said Mike would be back in the morning. I asked when they opened and again he kept hesitating. Finally he told me they opened at 9 am. I thanked him and said I'd call Mike in the morning. I decided I'd probably never get any information out of Mike so I didn't call him back. I'd find out what was going on through other sources.

I don't know what to make of these HIB's, CIB's and PIB's (tongue-in-cheek abbreviations) but a definite color scheme becomes apparent. Either these individuals are part of some colorblind organization or they have some strange affinity for black. Must be some kind of fashion statement?

The black helicopters didn't bother me because I could rationalize that they were just flying over...until one almost landed on our house! Being chased by a black car didn't bother me because I reasoned it must have been some pervert on the road. But when somebody starts taking pictures of you and your car (and you aren’t no beauty queen in a Porsche), you start to wonder what is going on.

The enigma of the so-called Men in Black is almost as much of a mystery as the UFO phenomenon itself. But does such an agency really exist? However when all the evidence is considered, it does seem that nearly all aspects of supernatural interest are in some way monitored by an agency that until now has remained both faceless and nameless!

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