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Pickering Ontario                                                                   

Spring 1993 - 6pm

I don't recall the exact date, but it was in the spring of 1993 around 6pm.  Lots of people SHOULD have seen it as this is normally dinner time and people would have been in the homes nearby or driving along Bayley to find dinner. The sun was beginning to set as well at that time. There had to have been other witnesses, but I could not find any, or I could not find any that would admit to seeing it.  I was walking to work and I had to walk directly in front of the (Pickering) Nuclear plant along the road to get there. I first noticed the object not long after I got off the bus and began walking. I had my eyes on it most of the time as I regularly walked to work and this was something not normally there. I was located on Sandy Beach road, and I wasn't sure of what I was looking at. I didn't notice it was hovering over the plant until I got closer. Then I thought it might be a hot air balloon, but it was not moving! I would say it was over the very center of the building! Not far from the roof of it. Just  hovering there like it was a part of it. Very very still, I could not perceive any movement. I could hear a humming sound. But I think it may have been coming from the plant. Funny thing is, I could feel the humming sound too. It was sarasota orange (reddish) and it glowed as if it was a lamp with a bulb inside it. If you took orange jello and put it in one of those special jello molds then put it on the plate bottom up, it would look exactly like it, you could get the same idea  if you cut a pumpkin in half through the middle. I didn't notice any markings, it simply looked like glowing jello hanging in the sky. Standing on the road and looking at it, it looked about the size of a baseball cut in half.  The sky was blue, there was steam coming out of the stacks. The sky was clear with maybe a few clouds and the steam. A few planes far off flew by too.  I was excited, I  practically started running to work so that I could get my co-workers to come  look. But as I began to pass by it disappeared, simply vanished like it was never there. I was very disappointed to not get it on tape so that I could prove it!!! After I stopped walking to look at it and decided to run to work to get  other people to see it, boom it vanished as soon as I had the idea to get witnesses  and a camera. I would say I had a good 10 minutes of looking at it as I walked along. Enough time to take in every detail, which there wasn't much of. It was very simple in design.

Thank you to the witness for this report - Note: Many sightings have been reported involving nuclear generating stations over the years including PNGS.

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