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The following was submitted August 2001

I work at a homeless shelter in Hamilton. At the beginning of summer this year I had a very interesting experience. I was waiting for my bus at around 5pm it was a bright sunny day and this elderly man passed by me. He had a very distinctive and familiar gait, and he also wore a blue ball cap with some kind of logo on it. This man walked slowly past me (about one ½ meters in front of me) and people were going around him as they hustled and bustled about (this is rush hour after all). This man seemed very familiar to me. I watched him for a few seconds till I looked away at something across the street. It was then I realized that the man I was just watching stayed at the shelter I work in about two weeks ago. While staying with us he had terrible stomach pains and one night we found him on the floor doubled in pain so we sent him to the hospital. This man passed away the next day (I’m not sure what the official cause of death was). So I looked back and I saw him walk behind a bus shelter out of sight (I was about 12 meters from the bus shelter). I walked toward the bus shelter knowing there was nowhere for him to go but the road and I would be able to see that. He was not there; I even walked down the block, knowing he was going way to slow for him to have gotten that far or for me not to have seen him. He just vanished....

This man had no family as far as anyone knew, and he lived on the streets and in shelters...he refused to be put in any home of any kind. As I was not his case worker when he stayed at the shelter, I had only talked to him three or four times, and as far as I could tell he was very secretive about his life. He was around 70 years old and always wore a blue ball cap with a logo of some kind on it.

I truly believe it was his spirit walking the area it knew best. It amazed me how people just walked around him, aware of him but not really noticing him. It was also interesting no one touched him, even in such a big crowd. There was no "glow" or "light" around him. He looked as real as you and me. I haven’t seen his spirit again since that day, but I hope I do.

Webmaster’s Note: The above account is similar to others reported by health caregivers the world over. It is also interesting to note that the ‘apparition’ appeared solid to the witness, which is more often than not the case.
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