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Ghosts & Hauntings
What is a ghost? If you ask this question of a hundred different people you are just as likely to get as many different answers. Naturally opinions on ghosts and hauntings are wholly subjective to one’s life experiences, scientific, and religious beliefs or lack of, along with a multitude of other possible factors. However, what does seem quite apparent and uniform is that despite what one may believe they fascinate the vast majority of us and have done so since the dawn of mankind. This section of our website explores this fascinating topic.
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1 Report A Ghost Experience
2 What Is A Ghost?
3 House Clearing Information
4 Practical Advice For Spirit Removal
5 Animal Apparitions
6 Communicating With The Deceased
7 Dream Communication
8 Pickering Ontario Private Home Investigation
9 Blackthorn Manor
10 The Blue Ghost Tunnel
11 Hearing some strange noises?
12 The Poltergeist Machine
13 Ghost Road Port Perry
14 Ghostlights In Sudbury Ontario
15 The Brechin Light
16 Buck Hill - Ottawa Valley Ghost Lights
17 The Haunters And The Haunted
18 The Haunted Enwave Theatre
19 The Du Maurier Theatre
20 The Guild Inn Scarborough Ontario
21 The Haunting Of Oak Hill
22 The Ghosts Of Fort George
23 Investigating A Haunted House
24 Pet Cemetery
25 Mackenzie House
26 Obies Restaurant - Etobicoke Ontario
27 Chippawa Battlefield
28 Deseronto Ontario Haunting
29 U of T - Ivan Reznikoff
30 Homeless Shelter Hamilton Ontario
31 Black Ghost Dog Of Hamilton Ontario
32 Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital
33 The Girl In The Window
34 Ghost Hunter's Rant
35 Real Ghost Photos
36 Orb Photography
37 Upper Canada’s Battlefields
38 Ghost Research & History
39 Science and Paranormal Investigation
40 Who Was Dr. Kaplan?
41 Fake Degrees and Doctors In Ghost Research
42 Fame Vs Success In Ghost Research
43 When One Bad Thing Happens
44 Children & Urban Legends
45 Fear!
46 Ghost Classification System
47 Guild Inn Event August 17th 2008 Updated With Photos
48 Demonic Possession
49 Neebing Spooklights
50 Kempenfelt Bay
51 One Spadina Crescent
52 Ghost Road Mystery Fire


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