Scarborough ON         July 14th 11:45pm

I live in Scarborough Ontario Canada, a suburb east of the main city of Toronto.

Star gazing and enjoying the cool breeze from the lake this evening, I was on my patio with my dog getting some fresh air.

I saw something move across the sky above me, from east to west just over my head. Blinked my eyes to have a better look. When I refocused I saw an unusual object / objects. It was hard to determine if just one object or more then one because of the glow of lights on it/them.

I can't give you a size because I"m not sure if it was more then one object or just one. There were three lights, in the shape of a triangle/chevron two bottom lights then one top the direction of travel. The shape didn't appear to be all straight lines, it appeared shadowed in and curved a little on the inside like a chevron. It was a fuzzy outline and it's overcast tonight so I really couldn't make out if this was one object or not.

The lights were not blinking like aircraft lights do just illuminated, it wasn't a search light, spot light or other regular type lighting,there was NO engine/motor sound, no propeller sound, no NOTHING! At first while I was watching it seemed to be moving at a fast pace like a streak above me which caught my eye...I thought at first it was a shooting star. This craft/crafts, then slowed down almost to a crawl but still moving (slower then the speed you would see a satellite move in the night sky) Then it stopped but not abruptly, very gently and went the left (south towards the lake) then back to where it started from in the same line (east to west), then to the right (north) It came back to the original spot and began again travelling westward, towards the downtown or main core of Toronto.

As I watched it, I noticed the speed was not consistent, very irradic like fast then slow but never jerky, very smooth but odd speeds. The speed seemed to move steadily after it did that little left right (north south) thing and began it's way west again. Eventually it was out of my sight.

I remained outside for awhile looking again and I know I will go back out again and look more. There was a small engine aircraft and a jet around the same time and area, one travelling east the other south west (Towards Toronto Island Airport) I've seen something almost identical to this with my father , in this same yard on this same patio and same time of year..roughly 22 years ago..I was just a young girl then. THE ONLY difference, it was travelling from west to east and a bit lower in the sky. At that time there were (3) of them. I remember they were glowing and as I recall they looked perhaps with a green glow but not a dark or deep green rather a pale green , soft green.

As for the other things, the chevron shaped crafts...they look like the formation of how birds fly in a V but upside down..the point is the direction it travels.

I Just found this website and I"m just so very excited to provide this information and see what others have seen and read their stories.

I don't want to over run you with information but I have an additional situation which happened to me in this very house around 1am in the morning, winter time about 5 yrs ago. A beam of light entered my front room window where I was watching tv and relaxing with my mother. We both saw it. It filled our room with the brightest yet softest light that didnt' hurt or harm our eyes. I could see the light originated from the sky but it ONLY focused on our front room. The light did NOT cascade to the other rooms in the house nor did it cascade around the lawn/trees/shrubs or even the driveway or road. It was localized in this house. I got up to look at it and stared out the window to the direction of which it came. The only thing I could see was this soft but bright glowing light in the sky hovering low, just above the treeline and across the street from us, over a park.

I continued to watch, opened the window all the way then went and stood by the front door opening it to hear if there was any noise NO NOISE no engine no propeller no nothing DEAD SILENT.

It was eerie but it didn't scare me. I wondered what it wanted why just us just our home just here? After a short while the light immediately faded and the craft streaked across the sky heading in a north east direction. I saw a streak, like a glowing streak behind it for a few seconds then that vanished and it was gone. That was one of the most amazing things I'd ever been witness to. If it makes any difference, since that time I'd become quite ill. I always thought that that light and craft had something to do with it....but then again it could just be coincidental.

I am very interested in knowing if there are any other reports and being an avid sky watcher and having seen things like this before I KNOW they are real!! I am very interested especially because it was the same flight pattern directly above my patio as it was when I was a child.

Our thanks to NUFORC