Brockville ON              November 8th 2:30am

At 2:30am on November 8, 2005, I woke up from sleep and went to my kitchen to get a glass of water.  I am an amateur satellite spotter and frequently check the southern skies for satellite reflections and lighting, as this area is exception for sky clarity (Canada-US border city, on North shore of St. Lawrence River, Eastern Ontario).  I spent about 30 seconds looking over the southeastern sky and another 30 scanning southwestern. I turned my attention to the northern sky and looked to the east.  I immediately tracked the object at 2 o-clock at 45 Degrees North Latitude (almost directly overhead.)  Object appeared to be between 50-100,000 feet, perhaps higher.  Silent running. 3 lights, white, size of each light approximately 1/4 of the size of the nail on my little finger. 1 light leading, 2 lights trailing, in a triangular-to-chevron pattern, with approximately 1/2 thumb-width between lights.  This is my third sighting of similar phenomena.  The space between the lights appeared "solid", as starlight was blocked out between light objects.

This object tracked from 2 o-clock sky to 9-oclock sky in slightly less than 9 seconds. I was able to visually track for a total of about 14 seconds before it lost its luminosity/magnitude to my naked eye.

My reaction to this was, "there you are again".  I had chills running, as this is my third sighting of a similar phenomena at this latitude since 2002. In each previous case, there were additional witnesses with me. The very first sighting, in July 2002, was at about 10:00pm in the evening and we saw the object at very low altitude along the same latitude. the lights at low altitude (under 10,000 feet)had an orange smudgy glow, and I had a sense of "grillwork" over the lights.  They almost were "infrared" in nature.  I had earlier suspected perhaps a flyover by a US military craft, as there is a base (Fort Drum) approximately 90km south of Brockville in New York State. However, I dismissed this as the speed appeared to be supersonic without a noise.

The second sighting, with another witness, came in August 2003, at approximately midnight, at a much higher altitude (at least 50,000 feet).  The lights were orange in nature, and "smudged", but speed was similar and I had the absolute impression I was seeing the same thing.

I spend a fair amount of time observing the night sky. The very strange thing about this series of sightings is that they seem to appear as I am "thinking" about them, as if there is some & "influence" either by it or by me to ensure that I see it.

Since 1990, I have had 5 sightings.  This is the first without witness.  The other two sightings were in Ottawa, Ontario, in November, 1990 (I believe, I did not log it), during a lunar eclipse (I have not verified the date, I am only noting this as I want to establish with you that I am an amateur "spotter" The other was in early December, 1997, with my two Children, near Apple Hill, Ontario, at noon and in clear and broad daylight.

That is about all I can offer at this moment.  I felt like I was seeing an "old friend". The first spotting of this phenomena in 2002, I suspected was some sort of "stealth" aircraft, until I correlated speed which is well beyond normal aircraft speed. I had the sense this craft could perform a low altitude earth orbit, east to west, in less than 15 minutes, to be honest, but that was simply a sense, I have not tried to do the math and calculate it out.

Our thanks to the witness for sharing this report with us. Please note that it is a common, but strange none the less reaction of familiarity with the object sighted by witnesses who have had multiple UFO sightings over a period of time.

Update June 2006: From Kevin Fetter at the Brockville Astronomical Society

"This was most likely a pass of what we call the NOSS satellites. There are us military satellites. More info on them can be found at: I have video of the noss satellites passing by in the night sky at:

Our thanks to Kevin for writing in. Please note that the NOSS satellites can be mistaken for U.F.Os.