Kingston ON                    November 23rd 7pm

I have a couple or University degrees,was trained and employed as a peace officer and use to dabble in astronomy as a hobby. I consider my powers of observation very sound. As an interesting side note another person from the Kingston Ontario area also saw a noteworthy sighting around the same time, place, and date as reported on website.

My sighting was a rather complicated event but basically my attention was drawn to the night sky initially due to display of Northern lights. This was around 7 pm.

Some minutes later I saw a very bright moving light approaching fairly quickly from the North/East which could easily be misperceived as a UFO. However this light eventually turned out to be what I believe was a conventional prop aircraft---although one which I have never seen presenting such an intensely bright light nor such a large craft at such a low altitude. I believe it was a conventional craft as it appeared to have small blinking red lights on the ends of both wings. Strangely it was silent until it began a banking turn and then I could hear the drone of the engines. But most noteworthy was the intense white light that must have been affixed somewhere up front. I say up front because after it banked and turned it was no longer visible but the smaller outside marker lights, as well as a couple more, were weakly seen. This intense illumination is the brightest light I have seen in the sky besides several reentering meteors seen during meteor showers.

But the quality of the light was quite different.

Returned inside my house. Went back out with video camera and observed a patch of evenly illuminated light to the North which I took to be this prop plane which must have turned back again and then flew farther North of my position and then West while I was inside ( I surmise that but am not sure if it was the same craft). Diverted my attention and now this patch of light was due West and then much more South in what in retrospect must have been a very quick progression. Not sure how it moved from North to South so quickly. But I don't believe this was a UFO. However what I caught on video next surely was. To make the story short....

After returning inside and back out again I saw 2 light balls or orbs at about 1 km/half mile distance due North of me. They were in a line and separated by about 30 feet and looked to be a few feet above the ground. First I took them to be lights from 2 cars--although brighter. One had a reddish hue while the other was more white.

But they started to act "strangely"---appearing to move slightly up or down or forwards or backwards. Then one winked out and to cut to the chase the solitary remaining orb approached to about 300 feet away and appeared to be about tree top height. It was quite bright and was a soft yellowish white in color. The time it took to approach and then leave was less than a minute.

It is clearly discernible on tape. I never zoom the camera so its change in apparent size and luminosity shows it moved forward and then departed after some moments.

I took some video a few days later of the same daytime setting and it helps to illustrate how this light had to be floating over a farm field. As a final note I should add that this is not the first time I have witnessed strange aerial activity. But this is the first time I have captured it on tape.

What I have observed is clear, what it is, is not.

Our Thanks To NUFORC