Toronto, Ontario               

November 11, 1996 11:30 p.m.
Approach Direction: unknown

Departure Direction: south (and up)

Witness Direction: facing east initially

Description: sitting on driveway facing east, conversing with friend. conversation fades away as if both of us were falling asleep simultaneously, but not tired. with heads drooping, noticed incredible lights on floor, everywhere as if flooded with light, under vehicles, no shadows, looked like 2" wide hardwood floor strips. shocked by what I saw, I alerted my friend who seemed to awaken from a trance, and saw the same.

We looked back and up for source of light. saw ball of light directly above us. seemed very close and everything glowed very eerily. after what seemed like only a few moments, ball of light moved very slowly south and disappeared behind neighbor's roof. we ran down driveway (maybe 30') and saw nothing on other side of roof, but noticed ball of light miles away in sky still heading south, and then straight up, and away from earth.

There was no sound during the encounter, other than our gasps of amazement. immediately after we lost sight of it,
I was bursting with excitement trying to understand what had just happened, but my friend seemed to have been in some kind of denial or seemed to have some kind of mental block, because he was completely oblivious to everything I was saying for about 15 min. afterward and was compulsively trying to pick up an inane discussion at exactly the point he left off before the light appeared. he is still shaken up and refuses to talk about it to this day.

I have never reported it, but I believe the Toronto Star newspaper printed a picture of a greenish "meteor" on the front page the following day. also, when i went home about an hour later, I turned on the radio for some background noise and subsequently heard a flood of reports in which people were calling in and reporting incredible things in the sky, and each one of these "ordinary people" being put on the air described slight variations of the same type of occurrences and almost all said at some point "at first I thought maybe it might be a UFO or something like that, but then I realized it was nothing more than a meteor or shooting star".

I don't know what i saw exactly, but it was no meteor, and it has changed my outlook on life ever since. I would like the opportunity to discuss the event, and a couple less intense events, with a noted researcher if possible as I believe this was more than a simple sighting, something strange transpired and I need to know what.

Color/Shape: round light, almost like looking up at a spotlight, but more pure, and rounded

Height & Speed: could have been small and within 50' or could have been large at unknown height, hard to say when
it was above.

TV/Radio/Press: see "description of event" with this addition; t.v. newscasts on City T.V. (Toronto) and possibly on CHCH (Hamilton) broadcasting shots of what appear to be meteors, etc., but what we saw moved in very different directions at very different speeds.

Note: Reporter's name withheld by request.

Note 2: Report has been reformatted into separate paragraphs for easier reading. Text remains unaltered.
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