Bancroft ON August 1991

We were at a cottage just outside of Bancroft. It was 1991 (I was 21) and a friend of ours just died. We were partying hard those nights, sadness and all. One friend and I left the group (of about 8 people). We went off on our own to hang out and look at the lake.

The cottage was a series of three buildings in a bay. The bay was approximately 250 - 300 meters wide. We sat on a steep ledge in the middle of the bay wall (in the middle of the bay itself) and were about 10 meters up the ledge. We had to walk down the hill about 5 - 7 meters from one of the buildings (the kids and guest cabin) to get to that ledge.

We were chatting, kind of looking at each other from time to time during the chat. While glancing at my friend - I saw a streak/blurry object whiz past his head about 3 meters behind him. This caught my attention and my sentence began to linger and I was stuttering a bit.
It obviously whizzed behind me, passed my head too - as my friend caught a glimpse as well.

Whatever it was moved out in front of us - very quickly, at about 10 meters above the water - at our eye level but within the bay, not on the ledge (meaning hovering) - and right in front of us. It whipped away, and in less than 3 seconds it performed a horizontal loop across the whole bay area (2 - 300 meter diameter horizontal circle). It moved in sharp and specific motion and made no sound.

My friend and I were watching it, for all of the time - for maybe 10 seconds while it shot around the bay area. Finally, its tangent to the circle veered off towards us, it moved right up to us. It dipped a meter or two and swooped up directly in front of us. Now at this point it could not have been more than 5 meters away from us. It stopped dead in front of us. We freaked out, began crawling/scurrying/scooting back up the hill on our butts, backwards and with this amazing sensation of fear, happiness and massive anxiety.

We got back up to the cottage. We discussed it a bit, spoke about not telling anyone. It leaked. Some friends made jokes. Others were sympathetic that we just lost our friend in a car accident and maybe we were psychologically hurt... either way, we know exactly what we saw. We just did not know what to make of it. I think that we finally attributed it to a paranormal incident.

Now that I have grown another 17 years, and have researched only a bit (which is easily enough with today's information exchange) I know what I saw.

To describe it:
- diamond shaped glowing area around the outside
- seemed very thin one-way, but wide the other (flattish)
- classic ET-style face
- big eyes
- thin neck
- wide-shaped head
- it looked at us directly, curved it's head to it's left/our-right and up, then we lost sight (crawling up the hill) and it darted away
- the glow was a yellow-orange hazy undefined outline
- the head was clear as day
The feeling was emotional, but we may have been lost in our emotions about our deceased friend.

But the saving grace is... we saw it together, described it and the feelings around it. We did not hallucinate nor were we both psychotic... at that exact same moment.

My friend is like me, a computer geek. We are very realistic - I am more vocal about my thoughts though. We have spoken briefly about it since then (17 years past now) and nothing more. I do know that he would back my story exactly.

Our thanks go out to the witness for sending in this report. We would appreciate hearing from anybody who may have witnessed something similar particularly around this date, at this location, and/or time frame.