"Hello ParaResearchers,

I was reading about the sighting in Grafton Ontario, and my hear almost stopped. When I was 12 years old I witness something very similar over Lake Ont, and I was right on the lakeshore in Grafton Ont, at the time.

It all started on a summer day in 1987, I had been going to my friends Cottage for a few years at this point, when she mentioned she had seen some strange lights over Lake Ontario. She said we will have to check to see if they were there, when we were to go on the following Friday.

Sure enough, just after 10pm we saw a light over the lake, that’s started out as just orange in colour. it seemed to be hovering in one spot for a while, then it would start to fade, until you could barely see it, but then it would come back to bright, almost like slowly pulsating.

This went on for some time, and at one point other similar “orbs” started to appear, and all three objects continued to glow very bright and dim.

At this point I was skeptical, because she had seen them before, and UFO sightings are not something you can schedule, but the behavior of the ufo was so amazing that even a 12 year old girl would know that it was beyond unusual.

What happened next was amazing.

The original orange sphere or orb disappeared, and the very instant it did, it re-appeared hundreds of kms away. You defiantly got the sense that it was the same craft. It had moved in the blink of an eye.

At this point my friend and I started jumping up and down, laughing and crying, we were also in shock. Her parents didn’t really care or bother with watching. Now that I think about it, they were very religious, so I am not surprised by their non reaction now.

The next night we checked for the orb again, only this time, it started to come closer, it started out over the lake, directly across Lake Ontario, almost seemed closer to US side, then as it came close to us, our Flashlight went dead, and that scared us.  it ended up over the cows field/far directly next to her cottage.

At this point it was a few hundred feet above us, still like an orange orb, not small, but not huge either. We just froze, and after about 10-15 minutes it just disappeared into thin air and our flashlight came back on.

A few days later, my friend’s older brother came, and we told him what we saw, and the first thing he did was take us to the old chicken coup, at the back of the property, and asked us to climb the tree to get on the roof of the chicken coup.

We climbed up and there was a perfect circle burned in to the roof shingles. He told us he had seen a UFO land their many years ago. The circle was about 6-7 feet in circumference.

I will never stop searching the skies for UFO’s but I have never seen anything as crazy as that in my whole life and I am 40yrs old now."


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