The year was either 1981 or 1982 on December 24 or 25th at 4am.

I was reading a book sitting on a lazy-boy chair in the reclined position at a friend's home in the living room next to a bay window on my right side.

Suddenly, a beam of light (not unlike a powerful search light) penetrated the heavy set of curtains and shone across the wall to my left. From my sitting position, I noticed a silent but glowing outline of an object outside the front yard in front of the window (as observed through the curtain) moving toward the corner of the house, heading toward the back-side of the house. At the same time, the chair I'm sitting on is levitating a few inches off the floor and shaking with me still sitting on it, and the hairs of my neck, arms and head are standing erect, and a cold permeated the air around me, and a distinct burnt electricity smell was present, and the Christmas tree branches were swaying up and down in slow-motion as though it were alive so to speak, situated at the opposite left corner of the living room (next to the L/R entrance) all within the time-span of a few seconds, at which point I bolted off that chair as quickly as possible without bothering to recline it back to its sitting position.

I will confess, that while observing this phenomenon, I was quite agitated and excited by the event, and walked quickly toward the living room entrance, but as I got near the tree upon exiting the room, it literally bent its trunk toward me with several of its limbs stretched in the formation of human arms, as though it tried to grab me, whereby my reflexes made me step away to avoid being caught in its clutches, but there was also the sense that magnetism was at work somehow between the tree and me. I then proceeded to the backside of the house where my former wife and female friend were sleeping in the bedroom, and upon entering the room, I observed the object outside through the window (the curtains being open), flying away from the back yard to a field leading to a forest 1/4 mile away, losing visual sight of it as it neared the tree-line.

While observing it as it was next to the house, it was saucer shaped with a clear but lighted dome on top, but could not see any occupant inside. It did emit an ethereal (ghost-like) exhaust plume behind it, as though the air molecules were being displaced (perhaps by electro-magnetic effects).

This particular part of the sighting also lasted a few seconds, but not more than perhaps a minute or two.

During the ordeal, I attempted unsuccessfully to awaken my ex-wife and her girlfriend so that they could witness what I was observing, but they were too much in a deep slumber to see anything on time.

At approx. 4:10am, the phone rang, awakening the whole household, including the friend's parents upstairs.
The call was from the hospital reporting that the occupant's brother had crashed his snowmobile into a end-of-driveway type mailbox, with minor head injuries as a result, but that his girlfriend who was riding as a passenger behind his machine was hit smack in the face by the same mailbox, which tragically killed her.

After the phone call, I explained to the family what I had just seen outside, but the story did not register in their minds, due to the news trauma and the early morning hour.

My ex-wife and I decided to leave for home to Sudbury that same morning, but the car's engine timing was all wrong and out of sync. There were no problems with the car the day before, but I was able to adjust it sufficiently to get it running smoothly.

Three quarters on the way home, the engine seized suddenly. I drove it to the shoulder of the road, opened the hood and could not believe my eyes at what I saw: the engine was red like a tomato and sizzling hot. I grabbed the key from the ignition, and walked to a nearby garage, but the garage was closed. I managed to contact the owner next door to it. He looked at the engine and said it was ruined, which I did not doubt a second.  I ended up selling the car to him for several hundred dollars, and hopped on the next bus which passed that way toward home.

End of story.

Our thanks go out to our reader for sending in this information. We would appreciate hearing from anybody who may have witnessed something similar particularly at this location and possible time frame.