"The date was August 28, 1966, it was my brother's 8th birthday and I was 6 yrs. We lived on Base, CFB Trenton, my father was Para-rescue at 424 Squadron. My brother had received one of those black and white batman kites as a gift and my father took us outside to fly it. At first I ran back and forth with them but I got tired of it and stood at the end of our lawn (facing south) watching them in the field.

As if I had just awoken, I next found myself in the same place but facing a different way, I was now facing east. I was standing straight, arms at my side and my head in the 'looking up' position.  I noticed the edge of something that was very large, and very luminescent above me. I went to yell "hey Dad look" but I couldn't. I couldn't speak, I couldn't move. I could only see out of the corner of my eye. My father and brother were standing beside each, not moving and were facing in my direction. I looked up at the object, then it vanished...there was no sound at any was just gone.

As I stood looking up to see where it went,  I was grabbed by my father, he and my brother were running for the house. I was hanging off my father's side, he had me in such a tight hold, it hurt.

My father went straight for the phone and called the mother was yelling to tell her what happened and I blurted out "we saw a UFO"  I was quite happy about it, in fact, I was very sad when it left, I was sad they didn't want strange as that might sound.

The Base told my father not to say a word about it to anyone and to report for debriefing on Monday morning.
That Monday when my father came home from work, he told us the Base had told him he saw nothing more than a meteor.
My father was angry at the way he was treated and said that he never saw a meteor travel the way this  did and that it was seen in Ottawa later that day.

My brother then wanted to go out and find his kite. My father told us to stay inside, that he would get it. Not too long after he came back, there was no kite, just the string, with a clean cut at the end where the kite was. My father said he looked everywhere, it was gone.

The incident was never spoken about again until I was 19, when I brought it up in conversation when my father had friends over. My father just looked at me, then said, "you remember that?" to which I replied "like it was yesterday"..nothing more was said.

Even though I am now 54, I do remember this like it was yesterday. I wish my father had spoken about it. I always wanted to know if he witness anything between the UFO and myself. How long had I blacked out for before being placed facing a different direction?

This is a true account, I'm willing to take a polygraph and definitely would love to be hypnotized to see if there was something I wasn't recalling or being 'made' not to recall. "

In further conversation with the witness: "Except for that one time with my father, I have never talked of this, for the obvious reasons.  As the other poster stated, it was indeed a warm August day for what we were use to way back then.  I always wanted to know exactly what my father had seen facing in my direction. How did I come to be turned in a different direction with no recollection? Why could I not move anything except my eyes?  Why did I feel so sad they had left...after all, its not something I knew or had seen before being only 6.  So many questions."


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