From across Ontario. Webmaster's note: as of September 1st 2014 these reports are all being looked into and are representative of different events. Some are most probable explained by natural things while others may not have an easy explanation. We will post updates and add photos.


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Maberly September 1st 1am approx

ufo details report: I woke up and looked out the patio door in the bedroom. I saw a bright light flash past and move away to the north west and upwards I saw it moving away pulsating and changing colour.I woke my husband who noticed that it was pulsating and changing colour. It moved higher and finally disappeared. I fell asleep, and when I woke up about 3 am I saw that it was back and closer to the horizon.I watched it moving up and down and eventually disappear behind the treeline, after about 1/2 hour. 3 nights later we saw the light high up and further to the north. It was cloudy and it disappeared behind the clouds. (2 witnesses)

Scarborough Ontario August 31st (no time given)

On Sunday August 31st,2014 My girlfriend and I spotted two discs sitting about 1,000 feet or more above the Scarborough Bluffs area. They seemed to not move or waver. They could be like a blue greyish colour. Ran for my binoculars then they disappeared. Anonymous report

Peterborough Ontario August 31st 11:13pm

ufo details report: Just seen one orange ball of light over Peterborough Ontario around 11:13 moving really fast it was huge. It was a giant ball of orange and it was bright orange in the middle with almost a ball of flames around it let me know if anyone else seen it.  my girlfriend seen is also (2 witnesses)


Bowmanville Ontario August 31st 9:45pm


ufo details report: i was on my back deck I live north of the Darlington Nuclear Plant in Bowmanville, just east of MapleGrove. I was on the phone with my friend it was approx. 9:45, when i saw coming towards me a few hundred feet  in the sky a stream of ... ufo's  i told my friend there are .. I counted 7 then no 8, at first i thought helicopters from a distance but as they got closer all in a long row , coming from Due North, looking about equal distance apart, and seemed to be moving fast, Red and Orange , I thought maybe air balloon shaped, then straight up,  just before it got over my head. I ran in to get my camera, looked up and only 4, all disappearing then one by one as i fiddled with my camera, then missing the camera shots as the 2nd last one went straight up, like super fast, i got a pic of the last one, when it was looking now more like a star, just a white light of it's tail end.  Incredible, it spooked me, and I finally decided to google it.... Faster than any helicopter, and I do believe i could hear a distant unfamiliar sound, not like a helicopter but similar.  the sky was clear.  Within seconds i thought i saw a satellite in the same area it had disappeared to.. I'd love to hear an explanation. My friend heard what was happening while on the phone with her...

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Bowmanville Ontario Darlington Nuclear Plant Aug 31st approx. 9pm

ufo details report: On August 31, 2014 at about 9 PM, my wife and daughter saw three UFOs travelling in line formation, equal distance from one another, above  the power lines near Holt Road that come from the Darlington Nuclear plant.They were travelling at the same rate of speed, when they were first observed. They changed colour from green to yellow to orange and were travelling at a rapid rate of speed.First, two of the lights sped away. leaving one light and then it sped away too. All travelled from West Bowmanville to South- West Ontario.There was no noise or pollution emitting from them.

We saw similar reports on the Internet. But the most similar report was to someone, who two weeks ago also saw the UFOs near the same hydro lines leading from the Darlington nuclear plant, but they were facing east on Highway 2, while my wife and daughter would be facing west on Highway 2.

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It looked like they were interested in these power lines and were possibly taking energy from them and then they headed south-west toward London, Ontario.

They were travelling in a line, equal distance apart, along the hydro lines. One of the UFOs stayed longer than the two others. It is hard to accurately estimate their size, but they were probably the size of an automobile, but cylindrical in shape, and the third one that lingered longer than the other two UFOs was slightly larger than the other two UFOs.

Compared to the moon, they were 1/100th the size. They were by the hydro lines, which are near Holt Road. It is about a football field away.They were not planes, drones or satellites and made no noise and travelled a lot faster than any known aircraft.


London August 31st approx 8:30pm

ufo details report: My husband & I were sitting outside tonight when a glowing orange ball Went from South / central London Ontario headed east - remained visible for about 3 minutes (2 witnesses) video

In further correspondence: it came out of the south -  our sight line was blocked by a tree, initially.  It seemed to veer towards the east - we were facing south east while recording.  It - looked like a ball of fire - BELOW the cloud cover - travelling the speed of airplane (silent, no engine or jet sounds)

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London August 31st 10pm

ufo details report: This was last night just after 10pm. Facing northeast. One glowing orange/red light appeared and seemed to move around in the sky, then 2 smaller ones joined and they danced around each other. I watched for a few minutes before the smaller lights were gone then the larger one appeared to move away slowly, then gone. Very interesting and I have never seen anything quite like this before. The sky was fairly clear with stars showing but these lights were completely different.  In the photo above, the two lights side by side are the unusual ones. The third must have been gone by the time I went inside to get my iPod. Hope this helps and my pleasure to provide the info. (single witness) photos provided

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Oshawa August 31st 2014 9:48pm

ufo details report:  Stepped out my front door last night Aug 31,2014 at around 9:48 pm just to see if it had cooled off  outside,before going to bed. I noticed an glowing orange ball of light it was moving from north to south in a straight line. I stood and watched for a 30 seconds to a minute and then came in and got my cell phone to try and record it. I managed to record it for a few seconds then I zoomed in at which point the video became a bit shaky. The object was then blocked by a large tree. By the time I got to the street it was too far south to record. (single witness)


Mississauga August 31st 9:30pm

ufo details report: We were sitting outside on our back deck in Meadowvale Mississauga, when we looked up to the northwest and saw a craft with red/white lights hovering (did NOT move for a quite a few minutes). Have some pictures.It was about 9:30pm Sun Aug 31st, 2014. We saw people stopping their cars and taking pictures. The craft was very quiet and when it moved it was in a quick motion then hovered again. Spooky, but I think one of my pictures may confirm that it is in fact a quadcopter.I'm hoping (photo)


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Mississauga August 31st 2014 9pm

ufo details report: We saw an odd shaped object sitting in the sky in the Meadowvale area, around 9pm, lights were coming on and off.  Blue, Red and White.  It sat for a long period of time and then slowly moved to the North West from Winston Churchill. (2 witnesses) Please see below

In further correspondence with the witness: No sound, just sat flickering it's lights.  We watched it for a good 20 minutes or more.  My brother called me from his shift at the grocery store "Metro"  all the staff were watching it and he called me to take photo's.  My brother said it was there for about an hour. It slowly moved downward and to the NW where we could no longer view it.


Mississauga August 31st

ufo details report: What is this ? ( just a few seconds of it at beginning of video) this isn't my video but I witnessed the same thing! It's was flashing red blue green and white lights and stayed still in the air for a Long period of time before slowly moving across the sky then eventually out of my sight (1 witness) Following up on the video (possible quadcopter?) and witness who sent in this report.

In further correspondence the witness writes: I seen it from my backyard in Meadowvale Mississauga , I'm no sure what time but if I were to guess i would say between 9-10 pm. This is what I have from my iPhone 4 the video does absolutely no justice to what I was actually seeing with my own eyes , but maybe it will help. The object was a V shape or triangular , and it stayed in this place not moving for a little while just hovering there . After a little while it did move a bit to the left ( in regards to the video ) but would move back to the right half the distance it had moved to the left. Then stay still again for a little while. Eventually it started gliding across the sky to the left and eventually flew more north until I couldn't see it from my house any longer. There were 4 witnesses at my house and three of my neighbours had also been outside watching the strange object. I'm trying to give you all the information I can think of because I am very curious as to what this may be. I have never seen anything like it before in my life . (video) Link to video opens in Quick Time

No sounds at all , there were two planes that flew on the sky while this object was hovering there , they were both significantly lower than the UFO however the airport is not far from my house so airplanes are usually just taking off or getting ready to land so they wouldn't be flying at there maximum height anyway. But I wonder if the airport picked up on this UFO on their radar?

I remembered I was On the phone with my father when I first saw it and I checked my outgoing calls for the time , so I seen it around 8:30 and It was gone out of my sight about 9 o'clock. My neighbours were in the front of their house , I'm not sure how long they were outside as I was in my backyard. But when I went to my garage I noticed they were there but that was shortly before the UFO left.


Mississauga August 31st 9pm

UFO details report: My wife and I saw the object at 9:00 pm. We were walking our dog and I happen to look towards the night sky. I first thought it was a plane. But after a few seconds of it not moving and it flashing strange, I knew it was something else. The object was v-shaped and flashed multi colored lights. I am kicking myself for not having my cell with me now!.

Hanover Ontario August 31st 2014 9pm

ufo details report: Two redish orange lights about 9 PM/est the one just seem to fade, the other moved to where the other had been and faded. these where both in the sky way up. no blinking lights, or any other shape just two perfect round dots in the sky. (6 witnesses)

Hamilton August 31st 8:50pm

ufo details report: Wife's cousin is visiting and just saw 2 orange fireballs on main and Sherman. My notes: report indicates fireballs had a NNE trajectory. When queried on Chinese sky lanterns,  and shown images the witness indicated he did not think so based on what he saw and being familiar with them. (2-3 witnesses)

Mississauga August 31st 4am

ufo details report: I was sitting on my balcony with my girlfriend Aug. 31 2014 - close to 4a.m. I saw a big yellow round ball shape overtop of one the buildings it came down a bit and i thought it was a falling star. I said to my friend "look' She looked up too. But it didn't drop anymore it then continued to fly straight across.  There was no noise. It was about the speed of an airplane. It was very big and very orange and it had a cross like shape in the middle which was shining a brighter orange color. (we both cannot stop thinking about it - i wish i had of picked up my cell and videotaped it. But it happened so fast and was so unbelievable i didn't think about it. It lasted for a few seconds and then another apartment building blocked us from seeing it anymore.  i wanted to add that my building faces is a couple of blocks from Lakeshore near the lake.  Hurontario is a couple blocks away.  The object was approximately 22 to 25 metres high...i was guessing because the height of the building it was over has about 18 floors. (2 witnesses)

In further correspondence the witness writes: I find it hard to believe that no-one else has reported this. Though, i did read on that site where i found you, some one reporting at 9:30 pm from the same area as me.It sounded further away than what i saw, as what i saw was bigger,but that person lives in the same area as me..and mine was 6 1/2 hours later I guess this in nothing new to you this is what you are involved in.For me, I never cared much about this topic at all!..and assumed that people were either making up stories or that there was an explanation like small planes or something..but this was big and orange and the cross likething shining in the middle..there was no way it was a plane friend and i cannot stop thinking about it......I will from now on be reading  all the time about things like this to see what other people have seen.

Trenthills August 30th 10:04pm

ufo details report: we saw your post tonight cause we google orange big light in the sky and this came up. We saw the exact same thing tonight around the same time. (2 witnesses)

Grafton August 30th approx 9:30-10pm

ufo details report: I witnessed a light last night. (Aug.30) I live in Grafton Ontario. I dont remember the time as I was having a bon fire in my yard. Three of us witnessed an orange light traveling from the South going North right over my house. It looked like a planes speed but zero noise and no blinking lights. It lasted about 2 minutes then faded out and was gone. Looked like a  fireball. I did snap a pic with my phone. From further correspondence: It was around 9:30-10 pm Aug. 30. Just a guess. I have seen this light twice before about three months ago. Twice in one night actually. (single witness) photo


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Crotch Lake August 29th -30th 10:00pm - 12:30am

Orange Fire Balls in the Sky
Date: Friday August 29-30, 2014
Time: 22:00 - 00:30
Location: Crotch Lake ON, Canada
Main Observers: 2; Others: 6
Sun sets and crescent moon slips away behind evening clouds hanging just over the horizon.

Event 1:
Out of the darkness a brilliant light approaches from the SW, moving slowly, maintaining a path just above the trees and below the low cloud. Continue to watch intently as this is an unusual plane or aircraft and definitely not a helicopter. It makes no discernible sound. The lights become more defined as it approaches. White lights on top and bottom, and a band of red in the middle. This craft is lit up like a Christmas ornament, bright, not pulsing, but shimmering. It slows when directly across from my observation point. It stops and hovers for a few seconds, then banks away to the NW and starts to climb very quickly into the night sky. Its gone. Witness sketch click on the link to open new window
Event 2:
About an hour later, I notice two bright orange balls about the size of planets, hanging on the horizon. Continue to observe to see if they are actually moving or not. Some time passes and they appear to be very distant celestial bodies just moving with the earths rotation. Wait, the one on the upper right appears to be moving closer to the second object, the gap between them is closing. A few more minutes pass and the first orange ball is getting bigger and brighter and much further ahead of its companion. It gets closer, its going to fly right over head. The second object is trailing and banking to the E. Check the SW horizon once again. Now a third and a fourth ball of orange light appear in the same local as the first two. Again number three flies directly overhead, and the fourth flies to the E. As soon as they get very close or directly overhead, the orange "flame" dies off and the craft disappears into the blackness of the night.
Event 3:
Sometime later after the first two events, along comes an extremely white light out of the W and headed directly for my point of observation. A thought comes to mind, "What is this, the second coming?" The white light is absolutely brilliant. Continue to observe, light intensity builds and then slowly starts to dissipate. Can now see the navigation lights on a twin prop plane equipped with a spotter beam of some kind.


Toronto August 30th 9:30pm

ufo details report: My whole family witnessed it today in toronto ontario at around 9:30 pm! It looked like a rocket but made absolutely no sound. It was very close. It was at marlee and glencairn

area. My 4 year old nephew mentioned he saw a shooting star and so i looked. The huge "fire" light was coming from the southwest end, around dufferin and Castlefield area. It made a turn towards

the northeast area of where my family saw the fire object. Towards the dufferin and keele area. We all saw its trajectory change direction. (multiple witnesses)

Mississauga August 30th 9:30pm Orange light over northern Lake Ontario

ufo details report: I first noticed a steadily glowing orange light from the 18th floor of our building on Lakeshore and Hurontario, in Mississauga at or about 9:30pm. Our apartment faces south, towards the lake. It appeared to be a small light, only about 100m off the ground. It's light pulsed slowly, growing and falling in intensity but never going out. It was quiet enough that I couldn't hear it over the normal traffic noise of Lakeshore street.It headed east, along the shore line, and then started drifting south, again following the shoreline, around the area of Colonel Sam Smith Park before it  was too faded to see. I believe it was small because it seemed that I just lost sight of it, through distance and as it got further away seemed to stay at the same height, about 30 stories up, or roughly 100m. (single witness)



Our thanks goes out to all of these witnesses for sharing their experiences with us. If you have seen something similar for these dates and times, can add further information to this report, or have experienced something that you believe may be a UFO in the province of Ontario, Canada please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill out our reporting form Your privacy will be protected and confidentiality is assured.