"Bridal Veil" Entities - A report from rural Ontario    

Our personal thank to Chris Rutkowski of UFOROM for sharing the following report:

I received a very nice handwritten letter from a woman in XXXXX (rural), Ontario, describing her observation of glowing disc-shaped object and a score of diaphanous creatures. It was interesting enough that I have typed it out in full and post it here for everyone to read.

Dear Sir:

Quite some time ago, I believe it was in the Spring of 2002, I had a strange experience and have had thoughts about it since and, "Yes,"thought, you really did see this.

I live and have lived on our farm with my husband who died in XXXX; now I live alone here, my son living across and up the driveway a little with his family.

I was standing in my darkened kitchen and about to go upstairs to bed when I saw a flash behind me, no noise whatsoever, so I thought I would take one more peek. I had been aware of the next farm's yard light for some time - it seems to flash now and then instead of being stationary as mine.

Well, I saw something I wasn't prepared for. Down in a hollow about 90 to 100 yards from the house was a vividly white glowing disk about the size of my kitchen table - more like twice the size - with white flames on the top. Around it floating here and there were creatures of some sort encased entirely in what resembled a veil such as a bride wearsbut encasing each creature completely. They were about my size, 5'6" or so, and all I could make out was that each one was almost stick thin - difficult to tell because of being completely encased in a large veil. I counted about 20 of these creatures, two going out towards what was left of some runoff water and then floated back towards the others. I truly was surprised - not frightened at all but it would have been nice to have had XXXXX - a wonderful German Shepherd with me - he certainly would have validated this for me.

I had wanted to watch them "take off" but I was tired, it being early in the morning - around 1:30 or 2 am - so I went to bed. It landed, I believe, not as a plane came down, but on a slope and stopped immediately.

I have a friend to whom I told this tale and she believed me saying she would have questioned this had I gone to bed but as I hadn't yet gone to bed to dream, she did believe me. The family looked at me as if - "Oh, Mother" - and have had various suggestions as to what it was by others:

Moonlight - there was no Moon Gases - what gases? Etc. etc. etc. - making me feeling so frustrated

Hoping I have not wasted your time,


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