The general public perception of our "visitor" activity is one of endless planetary benefits, accompanied by boundless good will directed to everyone "they" choose to contact. The truth of the matter is it ain’t always so.

The latter part of 1998 brought with it a rash of telephone calls from some very disturbed people, who not only were claiming to be experiencing abductions with all the related hassles, but even worse, the word suicide kept on coming up in conversation. This they said, was the only way out, they had endured enough torment. Unfortunately this was merely confirmation of something that we researchers have long since harboured suspicions about. Over the past twenty years we have met people who by their own admission were deeply immersed in a phenomenon they had no understanding of, or further tolerance for. Strangely, many of these people just dropped out of sight. We have long been aware that moving locations as a form of escape is a common occurrence. But rumours surfaced with disturbing frequency that suggested a darker explanation.

The first concrete evidence that emerged locally of this act of desperation was in 1993 when a family car was driven into one of the principal support pillars of the Alex Fraser bridge here in Delta. Harold Bauman, his wife Michelle and three-month-old daughter were all instantly killed. The autopsy revealed no sign of either alcohol or drugs in Mr. Bauman’s body. It was disclosed at the inquest that his wife "Michelle began having nightmares and visualizations of their baby being taken out of the bedroom by a supernatural force or some type of evil spirit". Their daughter was having seizures, her cradle rocked by itself. They burnt it in an effort to exorcise the spirit. It would seem to no avail for the Vernon, British Columbia, family. The Surrey Now newspaper that carried this story was very explicit in its headline, "Suicide-Homicide, Satanic siege cited in deaths". News announcements don’t come much blunter than that!

Another case that we had a connection with began in 1996 when a young man from the north shore contacted us, expressing a desire to talk about events that were on going in his life and causing him much turmoil and stress. A two-hour meeting revealed that what he was experiencing merely paralleled stories that we were all too familiar with. Before parting this troubled gentleman handed over a 32-page copy of a journal entitled, "My Experiences". This document we still possess. He also announced his intention to change his location to Toronto. This came as no surprise; for one thing these tormented people have in common is a desire to escape, futile though that may be. Learning that he had no connections in that far off city we provided some names of people who we felt might offer a helping and comforting hand. Over the following two years we received brief messages that seemed to indicate that life had hit a cheerier note. But possibly that was wishful thinking on our part.

In the early fall of 1998 we received an e-mail from a contact in Toronto saying all too briefly, "B. has disappeared and we fear the worst"! Our reply was equally brief and to the point." please keep us posted on any further news". About three weeks later another e-mail arrived announcing that "B’s remains were found at Elliott Lake and a memorial service will be held this weekend". At the time of writing this article we have had no additional information as to the circumstances of our young friends death. Any conclusions that may be drawn from this are therefore the reader’s prerogative.

In early December 1998, a call came through on the hot line asking that a lady living in British Columbia be contacted. This connection was made; disclosing a seemingly paranoid and incoherent woman who like a ship in a storm tossed sea was desperately seeking assistance. According to the story related in 1992, this Vancouver resident had fractured her leg and found the healing process lengthy and frustrating. In desperation she raised her arms to the heavens and asked to be healed. She allegedly saw a white light enter her leg and from that point on her life quickly went downhill. This mature woman states that some powerful force controls her life and dictates her bodies every move. Telepathic messages provide orders over which she seemingly has little or no control. Friends, relatives and colleagues shun her. Sleep is something she refuses to seek until daylight arrives. Searching for relief from this apparently demonic possession she has sought out numerous ministers to help exorcise her troubled body. Some have simply ignored her; one would only approach within fifteen feet and shortly thereafter left. The most successful one heard a voice emanate from this lady stating in no uncertain terms, "I’m not ready to leave yet"! Just in case the reader thinks that this case is off on to an entirely different track, we hasten to add that questioning elicited a lifetime of UFO type memories.

Dedicated researchers such as John Keel, Gordon Creighton (editor of Britain’s, Flying Saucer Review) and ex Spanish Jesuit priest, Salvador Frexeido, have all long since claimed that UFOlogy has a dangerous companion and that the world’s historical religious records confirm this fact.

However to return to the lonely and frantic lady, the conclusion of a lengthy and frustrating conversation was a very frightening and emphatic statement to the effect, "if I had access to a gun, I would have shot myself a long time ago. How I live one more day in this manner I do not know. It is something I would not wish upon my very worst enemy".

In November 1998 we were asked to visit a mature lady living in a community east of Vancouver. Two of us met with this person in her home and quickly learnt that although born and raised in a central European country the account we heard bore a striking resemblance in content to the multitude of North American experiencers that we were all too familiar with. She also revealed that apart from her personal life’s memories, at least those she could remember, for she also sensed that much remained hidden from her, other unexplainable events were occurring. Naturally, we enquired as to what? Well, certain pictures would repeatedly fall off the wall in one particular location. A family photograph would fly across the room. Loud bangs would be heard on the outside door or wall. When in bed at night footsteps could be heard walking back and forth outside the bed room door. "People" could also be heard muttering in the passageway. Personal objects- left in a certain place would disappear, and not re appear for several days. Photographs taken within the apartment of various pictures all came out very well except one framed portrait of a panther that displayed a "flash"? reflection in the bottom right hand corner. This did not appear in any of the other numerous pictures.

Two hours after our arrival we left. Questions had been asked and suggestions made with cautionary notes added. Two weeks or so later we had yet another call from the lady who had initially acted as intermediary. The news she provided was alarming. We were informed that our poltergeist plagued victim had been asleep for two days and her companion was unable to wake her up! Our telephone conversation centered on the solutions of outside intervention, (i.e.) dialing 911. A later phone conversation revealed that happily the lady in question had regained consciousness. A week later yet another urgent phone call from our intermediary disclosed further unpleasant news. The companion of the lady we had visited awoke to find blood all over the apartment, we were told she had "cut her hand with a knife". Taken to hospital for attention she was kept there. That is something that seldom happens in British Columbia today.

None of the previously described events in this final example can lead an observer to any other conclusion than here again we have yet another suicide attempt. We would be very happy to be proved wrong. In conclusion we can only speculate on how many others around the world have taken such drastic steps. Or alternatively, turned to drugs or alcohol for escape.

In a previous article a plea was issued to the medical profession asking that when they encounter these cries for help they respond in a humane manner and provide whatever meaningful resources they have access to. Shelve the medical labelling, restrain the scorn and the rolling of the eyeballs skywards. It’s a dangerous path to take, how do they know that it may not happen to them next and who will they turn to?

Our personal thanks to Graham and UFO BC.

Article published here with author's permission.