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Update Sept 24th 2001

Update Sept. 24th 2001: Joint overnight investigation with members of HRG and TGHRS was conducted - areas covered included most of the original structure and grounds. This was a fairly quiet evening, EVP recordings and photos taken showed no anomalies. One member of the TGHRS staff reported hearing scuffling or footsteps in the 'empty' attic area and upon investigation of the sounds complained of the internal sensation of a "tugging" or "pulling" of his chest, which was noted .

Update: Oct. 13th 2001

On October 13th 2001 out of town members of P.R.O and H.R.G booked overnight rooms at the Guild Inn following the Toronto Ghosts & Hauntings Research Society's Anniversary Party and Ghost Conference.

One of the members of H.R.G a 'sensitive' was “bothered“in the middle of the night by what she claimed was the spirit of a young fellow with the distinct features of one blue eye and one brown. Her announcement created quite a stir during the following morning's coffee get-together as P.R.O had previously received reports by a resident of the hotel who had been plagued by strange dreams of a young fellow matching the description given by the 'sensitive.' P.R.O can state with certainty that H.R.G and in particular this member had no prior knowledge of our reports, nor had they been previously published. The description being rare in and of itself seems to defy any sort of random chance or coincidence.

Other notes of interest include an outside report from hotel guests of banging in the early morning hours, the witnessing of door handles turning between adjoining rooms and severe temperature fluctuation. Both guests and P.R.O members who shared rooms on either side had made the logical assumption that the noises and rattling door knobs were coming from each others rooms, however this was not the case.

Close to check out time one of H.R.G's members noticed that her jewellery placed on the dresser and under a pair of gloves was missing.The gloves and a wallet were undisturbed. A thorough search of the room by 5 persons including members of P.R.O yielded nothing. One P.R.O member removed all bed coverings and linens and shook these out over the floor. Again no jewellery. In frustration and following the advice of another H.R.G member, the owner requested aloud to have her jewellery returned. The jewellery was then spotted (as if neatly placed) on the bed which the P.R.O member had thoroughly searched. No one had left the room nor entered. No one had noticed the jewellery's 'reappearance'. Could this have been a purposeful hoax - yes, it is within the realm of possibilities. However, P.R.O will without hesitation vouch for the absolute integrity of all those present in the room at the time.

All of these occurrences including the above account of the one blue eyed - one brown eyed boy occurred on the 6th floor of the new wing.

Update: Feb. 5th 2002

Due to the public closure of The Guild Inn - PRO will no longer be able to pursue active field investigation of this location - however we would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had a personal account to share. These may be submitted through our online ghost reporting form or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The directors and staff of Para-Researchers Of Ontario would like to express our sincere sadness at the closure of this once grand hotel. The Guild Inn offers an interesting piece of Scarborough history on both a community level and for so many of those who have fond personal memories. However, we are confident that whatever is finally decided upon in regards to the historic structures (those designated heritage sites) and grounds - The Guild will be an enjoyable spot for all once again.

For a complete history on the Guild Inn please see:

The History of the Guild Inn
By: Carole M. Lidgold
(c) 2000 Brookridge Publishing House ISBN # 0-9698244-8-3

Update: March 11th, 2002

The following “ghostly” experiences were recently submitted to PRO - names our withheld for the privacy of witnesses:

“I found your article about the Guild Inn extremely interesting.

Approximately a year and a half ago, I stayed there for two nights while attending a seminar.

I was unaware of its existence until that weekend, but was intrigued by the historic significance of the building and grounds. All we knew at that time was that the rooms that our party were using as the hospitality suite, were used at some point by one of the owners.

Webmaster’s note: The room being referred to is the “Spencer Suite” which is/was located on the 3rd floor.

The first afternoon I arrived I immediately closed the drapes, as is my habit. I then went to supper and spent a few hours in the hospitality suite before retiring to my room for the night. When I re-entered my room (it was on the same floor as the hospitality suite) the drapes were open. No one else had been in the room, so my only conclusion was I had a "visitor". Several members on my party said that they had heard noises when they were in the hall (on other floors) and one said she saw a lady in a long blue dress. I cannot state with certainty that they actually did experience anything.

We also heard noises in the second floor of the building across the driveway. This was during the day and no one else was around.

I sincerely hope that they do re-open the Inn. The food was excellent and it was such a great place to stay.

We were told that we were in the older part of the Inn. That explained the lumpy old mattress. This added to the ambiance of the Inn. The staff at that time were also nice.”

Have you had a similar experience at the Guild Inn? Can you shed some light on who the “lady in blue” may be?

If so, we’d appreciate hearing from you! You may send us your Guild Inn experiences via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you may use our submissions form by clicking here.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have shared their Guild Inn experiences with us.