Toronto Ontario March 8th 2015 8:05pm approx.

Date: March 8th 2015

Time:  8.05pm

Location of Sighting: Town/City/State/Province Toronto, Ontario (North Facing)

Number of Objects: 1

Shape of Objects: Orb / Ball

Colour of Object: White

Full Description of Event/Sighting: I was walking home from Metro when a bright white orb glided across the sky at a pretty fast pace for about 3 seconds. Then vanished from plain sight while still in the sky. as if the light went out like a switch.

The witness added these further details in additional correspondence:


"I was located At St Clair West & Gunns Road in Toronto. I was facing North. It was at approximately 40 degree angle in the sky and traveled west, almost looked as though it would come down towards earth. Very strange, there is a lot of plane activity in the area however this was too fast and too bright, the light suddenly appeared from nowhere and traveled for around 2-3 seconds and then suddenly vanished, there was no sound or noise from this.  It was too big but yet too slow for a shooting star. I thought it could be a comet but the light shape was very precise in shape, very white (no blinking lights and no projection (as if it was an airplane headlight). No trail. It was also a little cloud cover. I hope this helps."


Webmaster's note: Of interest to note reports from Hamilton and Mississauga at the same date and approx timeframe.

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