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Scientific 'Nature' of the Universe

Albert Einstein proved that  E=MC(squared), Energy = Mass x the speed of light squared.

This also  means that all matter in the Universe is in fact - Energy, in a state of  existence that we perceive to be solid matter.

Astronomers estimate that  we can currently 'see' about 10 % of our Universe, and of that 10 %, 90 % of what we can see of the universe is Plasma 'Energy',

Plasma is a body of  charged particles, all oriented in the same 'way', and by this orientation, they become electro-magnetic.

Since it's well known that our brains generate their own electromagnetic field, it seems logical to surmise that 'ghosts' are also electromagnetic in essence.

Here's an interesting point to make note of, however.

Any honest ghost hunter will tell you that Electromagnetic sensors are basically totally useless for ghost-hunting. This is because electromagnetic fields, however weak, are everywhere in the Universe, and very very prevalent in every day life because of all our machines.

Any lamp or electrical wire in a wall, or even our own bodies, will  produce a reading.

Plus, they will also tell you that most of the time, when somebody who claims to be able to sense the presence of a ghost, the EM sensor will produce no reading at all.

Does this mean that the EM sensor is faulty ? or the medium is wrong or lying  ?
or that ghosts are not electromagnetic in essence ? or that ghosts don't exist ? or that, like H2O existing in various states, gaseous vapour; liquid water; ice; are there instead various states of electromagnetic energy ? that we do not yet have sensors to detect the various states.

Nobody yet truly knows.

When astronomers detect H20 on other planets, moons, asteroids and comets, they cannot tell what state that H2O is in, only that it is there in  some state or another.

Just a few days ago, after decades of trying, scientists finally declared  that there
very definitely is a LOT of water on Mars.

If it's always been there, why did it take so long to know for sure ?

Maybe because they've only recently improved their detection equipment.

So, perhaps there are other states of electromagnetic energy we can't yet  detect.

The sensor that does seem to register 'something' is the temperature sensor. Whenever the presence of a ghost is suspected, often there is a  definite very specifically centred on the spot where the ghost is thought to be, a lower temperature than anything surrounding that spot is recorded.

What we do know about the physics of the Universe is that cold is the absence of heat, which is a form or state of energy.

And, there is a common high school experiment that demonstrates, that heat travels to cold, not the other way.

It seems logical therefore to surmise that ghosts are cold because they  are energy in essence, which dissipates, leaving them 'low' on energy, and they need more to continue to exist, and therefore, by common law of physics,  they absorb surrounding heat energy, thus resulting in recordable cold spots around where they are.

So, without any definitive proof of whatever their essence truly is,

This article shall refer to 'ghosts' as being electromagnetic in essence.

Whatever their essence actually is, does not, I believe, negate the overall theory of where ghosts go, and what some of them, the Pretas, do to the  living.

Plasma is considered to be the 4th State of Matter, solid, liquid, and gas, being the other three.

Physicists recently announced their discovery  of a previously unknown state of Matter they are currently calling Quantum Matter, which they say appears to co-exist 'inside' and 'outside' of our Universe as we perceive it.

This is very important to remember later on in this article, in regards to 'Where Do Ghosts Go', and Transient  Luminescent Events.

It is well known and documented for quite some time that the human brain generates it's own ElectroMagnetic Field, which can and has been photographed, and what many believe is what has been referred to for several thousand years as the 'halo' or 'aura'.

Astronomers recently announced that some as yet not understood form of EM Plasma Energy is flowing thru-out the universe, between all suns, and galaxies.

Recent stellar maps, when  combined with these energy flows, very spookily resemble , - the human brain  and it's EM activities.

Physics dictates that Plasma must be 'charge'  balanced, positive balances negative. A 'small' plasmic body' can itself be  charge imbalanced within a larger collective, so long as the larger  total 'collective plasmic bodies' maintains a charge balance.

This is  one reason why and how 'small body' particles 'travel' within an EM field,  seeking by natural laws of Physics to achieve it's own EM charge balance,  which is the very same process we avail ourselves of to power our zillions of electrical machines.

A plasmic body 'tends' to maintain itself because of the co-hesive-ness of all it's charged particles having the same energy frequency signature, created by the unique specific collective spins of each particle's atomic quarks. Much like every person's fingerprints or  DNA being unique. Think of how a drop of water maintains itself,  the
surface tension of the curved 'spherical' aspect of the drop of water.

Our planet is a giant electro-magnet, compared to our own  human scales. The fieldlines of EM Energy travel all around it, and thru it.

These field lines are made up of EM charged particles, which 'travel' in a tight circular looping pattern that forms what is called a Flux Tube, or Tunnel.

Billions of these Flux Tubes make up much of the EM  field lines of charged particles around our planet.

Between the  planet's surface, and it's Ionosphere, which itself is Plasma, is something called the Schumann Cavity, actually first discovered by Nicola Tesla, a massive resonating 'chamber' of charged particles of EM Plasma.

When thinking of resonance, think - Tuning Fork.

When you 'thwack' a tuning fork, both forks vibrate exactly the same, they whip back and forth very fast, x times per second. The number of times per second is called the frequency. That both forks do it exactly the same, actually enhances and magnifies the effect and the energy in each fork, and this is called the resonance effect of the tuning fork.

We have been using this Schumann Cavity to transmit energy around the planet for over 100 years, for radio and  tv and cellphone communications, and other uses.

It's been proven that  our brains, our entire bodies, are, have, an EM 'essence', similar to that  which our planet generates.

Dr. Persinger of Laurentian  University, who apparently does not, yet, want to believe in ghosts, has  done a lot of work in proving that the human mind is an EM 'entity',  vulnerable to external influences from both natural and man-made EM  fields, such as earthquakes, volcanoes, cellphones, hydro lines, and spy agencies.

He has discovered that human emotions and perceptions respond  to very specific frequency EM energy signatures.

Indeed, apparently,  both the Russians and Americans possess technology to 'influence' individuals, and even large masses of people, millions globally, to do or  make decisions based on emotional manipulation triggered by specific  frequency microwave EM broadcasts with very specific energy  signatures.

In the United States this technology is most often referred  to as HARP, first invented by Nicola Tesla back in the 1930's, and much later  a very large version actually was built in Alaska. It is considered to be one of the most important weapons of war, and mass manipulation tools, ever yet developed.

It is quite probable that this technology  was used during the Gulf War to induce 100's of 1,000's of Iraqi soldiers to surrender, as seen on TV reports, because of overwhelming fear of being  killed in battle, which was induced and magnified by this machine.

It works because the resonant EM energy level of both the human brain, and all  life, and the earth's EM field, and the planet's Ionosphere, exactly match at  around 8 Hertz, discovered by Nicola Tesla, and was the foundation of a  weapon he designed to be used during WWII.

At it's most destructive, it can devastate the earth's magnetic field, causing massive changes to global  weather patterns, resulting in horrendous hurricane storms, trigger tornadoes, earthquakes, and even volcanic eruptions.

At it's most subtle levels, it can be used to induce emotional responses in the masses, which can be whatever emotion they choose to trigger.

This could be  utilized to trigger mass surrenders, like in Iraq, or support for a presidential candidate or policy, or, turn the masses against each other, by heightening fear and prejudice between political or ethnic groups.

Thus substantiating that the human brain can indeed be 'triggered' by external EM fields.

What's important about this  regarding our subject of Hungry Ghosts is, whatever Man has invented,  it's been found that Nature has done it first.