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Somewhere between 125,000 and 250,000 people die every day.

When we die, our EM Plasmic  'souls', are naturally 'swept' in to the planet's EM field, traveling in a spiraling fashion so tight it forms it's own tunnel called Flux Tubes,
and  travels either up in to the sky, or down in to the earth, which exactly match the descriptions of 'Tunnel Travel' by NDE's and OBE's, and in such ancient  texts as the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

'Transference' upwards from the  surface of the planet into the Schumann Cavity and Ionosphere can be quite  more dramatic.

25 times every minute of every day, Lightning, which is  Plasma energy, flashes UP from the ground, carrying along with it, many 'souls' of the dead.

This reverse lightning as it's sometimes called, blasts it's way in to the Shuman Cavity, where the energy can circle around the planet for a long time, or continue on upwards into the Ionosphere and Magnetosphere.

We use the Schumann Cavity for many energy transference uses, radio, tv, cell phones, etc. The signals bounce off the  bottom of the Ionosphere too, which is how they travel 'over the  horizon',

This UP lightning, and other meteorological factors, combine together to create lightning / thunderstorms, around 1500 raging around the planet on any given day.

Above them, another form of Lightning  Plasma also blasts Upwards from the tops of the storms, towards the  Ionosphere.

Usually Blue or Red in colour, these flashes were only recently proven to exist.

When they 'flash', they momentarily trigger  the appearance of another mysterious form of Plasma Energy in the high atmosphere, giant bodies of Plasma Clouds some currently call Transient Luminescent Events, because they are only visible to us for a few seconds at a time.

Looking somewhat like a cross between a jelly-fish and a mushroom, these giant Plasma bodies are usually about 100 km bottom to top, and about 150 km across the 'mushroom' top.

They 'flatten out' on  top where they contact the Ionosphere.

Up to 25, and more, of these TLE's have been counted overtop large storms.

Because the TLE's are only visible for seconds at a time,conventional belief is that they come in to being,from the energy of the upward lightning blasts,and almost  instantly dissipate in to the ionosphere.

BUT, what if they don't  dissipate. What if, instead, they exist all the time, but are just usually  invisible to us.

Remember earlier in this article I mentioned that  physicists recently announced they believe they have found a 5th state of matter and energy they call Quantum Matter, that they believe exists both inside and outside of our perceivable Universe.

These TLE's could be Quantum Matter, which since we couldnot always perceive it, nor all of it, would appear to us as existing for only a few seconds at a time, when in fact
they are winking in and out of our ability to perceive them being  'lit up' as it were, by the upward blasting lightning.

If this is the case, then, perhaps these TLE's are what we've been calling for several  thousand years, Valhalla; one of the higher planes of existence; the other side or other world; or as in some religions, the Heavens.

Many new age groups in fact believe that spirits do usually reside in the highest levels of our atmosphere,

and, there have been numerous case reports since the adventof the airplane of 'ghosts' and 'ghost lights' in or near the airplanes while flying thru the top or overtop of thunderstorms, including sightings of strange upward blue-lightning blasts at  the time.

Did you see Robin Williams's movie, 'What Dreams May Come' ??

After all his earthly family dies, horribly - he dies, horribly.and goes to a 'cloud' heaven, faces his life and it's  mistakes, learns to fly, saves his wife from hell, and re-unites his earthly  family, etc.

I believe the place he went to, -- is one of the TLE Plasmic 'Clouds'.

The Sun

Most every one with a modicum of education knows that our Sun burns with a nuclear ferocity, which fluctuates constantly. Every 11 years or so, tensions and pressures build up,and Solar Flares erupt, sending various sizes of massive Blasts of matter and  energy in to space, which often strikesour planet, causes northern and southern lights, and,can knock out modern communications, power transfer  systems,and fry satellites out of the sky. And, because every living creature on earth is in large part, an electrical entity, we all can be affected by these massive energy/matter surges too.

More on that later.

What very few people know is that energy flows the other way too.

The earth's plasma energy works it's way up thru the various atmo-spheres,to sooner or later wind up in the Ionosphere, and from there,when it fills up, it spills out, and much of that spill, has  beensatellite photographed (only recently) 'traveling' in the general direction of our sun.

This 'spill-out' happens every 27 days or so,  which almost exactly matches the half-way mark of how long the soul is said to linger close to the body after death as stated in the
Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Ok, back to Prestas - or Hungry Ghosts.

World  Renowned Canadian Writer/Investigative Journalist, Joe Fisher,who committed suicide in 2001, no longer able to fight against the unrelenting pressure of depression and negative emotional energies,wrote quite a few books about  Paranormal subjects, including his mostfamous, 'Hungry Ghosts', which he learned of from the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

In his 2 books of the  same title, and several others, he recounts howhe came to realize the  existence of them, and how and why they interact with the living.

Pretas die unhappy, unfulfilled, and 'feed' off the living to  sustain their existence and presence on the 'earthly plane', as they say.

They are little 'balls' of plasma energy, and that they died so negatively feeling, their EM charges have a 'negative' energysignature  as their intrinsic 'nature', and are 'out of balance'.Physics dictates there  must be balance, so they naturally are compelled to 'balance' their  charge, and so, just as masses of bacteria seem to co-operate to  achieve various needs, mobility, transportation, reproduction, 'feeding',

Pretas 'naturally' try to get what they need from us, living humans,attracted to us because they too used to be living humans, and are therefore the living are the most similar in energy  signatures.

Paranormal 'lights', many of which are described as 'little  balls' of energy, have often been seen and recorded whizzing around the living.

A California group of investigators somehow managed to photograph these things quite a bit during one particular case, including  the entry and exiting by them in to and out of - people's heads.

The  human brain is very complex, we're only beginning to understand it. We've only relatively recently learned that part of it operates by the use of what  are called Neuro-transmitters.

There are sacks full of charged particle ions of copper, zinc, etc, inside every brain cell. These are triggered to cross the synapse gap to trigger specific EM signals, which result in many processes, including the stimulation of emotions, the first transmitters to  be identified. We get those charged particles from what we eat.

I  believe Pretas do something very similar.

Having been human, they are  naturally attracted to living humans, because of the close similarity of  energy frequency signature.

They enter our brains, and stimulate negative  emotions, not because they consciously want to do that, simply because their  'intrinsic nature is that of energy with a 'negative signature', established  at the time of death, because they died so 'emotionally negative', which produces specific EM energy transfers, of the frequency and resonation they require to sustain their existence.

In other words, they feed off  us, like leeches and parasites, and, maggots.

Ok, So, What's the Problem for Us from That?

Ask anybody if they've heard these sayings:

- 'Life sucks',
- 'Life's a bitch, then you  die'
- 'Somebody else got my share of luck'
- 'Why did this have to happen to ME ?'
- 'My ship never came in'
- 'Opportunity Never Knocks on My  Door, or, if it does, I'm always out and about'
- 'When they were  handing out (looks, brains, luck, etc) you musta been at the end of the  line, and they ran out, or you musta been in the wrong line
- 'Be good or the boogey-man will get you'
- 'Mommy Daddy, there's a Monster under my Bed'
- 'Better watch out, better not cry, better not pout,  I'm telling you why, - Santa Clause is coming - to town'

There could be a library dedicated to them all, and bulging, somewhere.

Like at a party, the dessert's never the same size on every plate.

There's probably several very real reasons for these sayings.

For one, there may in fact be  what we could call a 'Monster' under our bed.

And that 'monster' could be Pretas.

The problem is that it's been estimated that since the first modern human was born, some 70 Billion plus have been born, and died.

And, it's also been documented that at least 10 % of NDE's are 'Hellish' experiences.

Perhaps as many as 7 Billion Hungry Ghosts inhabit our planet.

This would mean that for every human alive today, there is at least 1, or more, Pretas - Hungry Ghosts, all looking for sources of 'food', and it's the living they feed from,

and, since, as is true in the animal world we know, it is the most vulnerable and weak who are the commonest victims, it is probable that those of us who's lives are worse than others, have more Pretas than those who's lives are not,  feeding off of them.

The above leads to the conclusion that probably  there is a very serious imbalance between the dead and the living on, in,  and around our planet,

which is causing the vast majority of the ills of  living being suffered by the majority of the living.

And this imbalance is growing, exponentially, as the numbers of people who die  'negatively' grows.

And, as that collective 'negativity' grows, so do we living, collectively, become more 'negative', to the point where, the  imbalance can no longer be compensated for, and our civilization eventually destroys itself, and perhaps the planet too. which is probably  very very close to happening today.