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What If Anything Can We Do ?

The Universe and all within it may be -  a giant-sized brain, probably as aware of what is within it, such as us, as we are of what is within our own brains, making them work.

All  within it struggles to maintain themselves, via a huge co-dependant process of 'feeding' off each other, while conversely doing whatever they can - not to be eaten.

Nothing in this universe is good or evil, but, on an individual level, we operate on a relevance perception.

For us, the  living humans, it seems very logical to me that the vast majority of the  unhappiness, the negative of life, is caused by these PRETAS, and we must understand that it is Not something we should refer to as heaven or  hell, god or satan, good or evil, demons or angels, but  instead, finally understand it all in modern scientific terms, and realize we can and must find a way to protect ourselves, much as we would try  to protect or defend ourselves from lions, or parasites, or viruses and bacteria,

we also must learn how we can protect ourselves from the PRETAS doing what they do 'naturally', by using modern technology, inventing personal EM shields, like 'wiring insulation' in electronics, to protect ourselves from this undesirable EM interference. And in this way, I believe we can put a stop to a lot of life's miseries, and the self-feeding cycle of it.

It is well known that our electronic equipment emit EM fields, which can have an effect to varying  degrees on us.

There now are quite a few cellphone EM shields commercially available to protect our brains from the close proximity of cellphone EM fields, which many believe a very good idea for heavy users of  cellphones.

Dr. Persinger of Laurentian University designed some years ago a personal skull-cap shield that can, he says, protect the brain from the influence of external EM fields. But, to date, he apparently has not followed up on it's commercial potentials.

This simple, affordable  device, could probably be our salvation, by eradicating the majority of  'negativity' from living by eradicating the part that is caused by Pretas - Hungry Ghosts

Do We All Become Pretas?

Good heavens, no.

Studies done in  the U.K. on Out of Body, Near Death, and Hellish Near Death Experiences seem to indicate that somewhere between 3 % and 20 % at most.

It's probably far far less than 20 %, much closer to 3 % of people who die  becoming Pretas.

However, if it is, say, 3 %, that works out to approximately 3,000 people per day becoming Pretas.

Over the time of the entire human race, it would mean that out of about 70 billion who've been born and died, between 2 and 7 Billion people have become Pretas to date.

Plus, there seems to be evidence to conclude that it's not necessarily a permanent state of existence.

Like we see in chemical  reactions, Pretas can probably, in whatever way it happens, change in to something we would call a better state of existence. What new-agers  would call a higher plane of existence.

And, as we've only recently  discovered, some may get swept up by the flows of energy from our planet towards the sun.


We've only truly just begun to document the endless wonders, but, so far, science continues to show us that Nature operates pretty much exactly the same from  the smallest to the biggest. From quarks to even the most complex structures of the whole Universe all are built on a few basic fundamental  simplicities.

Scientists have shown us that Energy flows everywhere, between planets and stars and galaxies, which are themselves in fact energy, as are we. All that we are came from the cores of exploding stars when  they die, and these Energy flows when added to our recent mappings of galaxies, miraculously resembles the inner structures and workings  of the human brain.

Just as we humans consume living organisms to  live, the elements thereof becoming part of our bodies to sustain it, to 'think' with, perhaps so too does our Universe, just at a different  scale.

Many people believe our Universe itself is sentient, and if  that sentience is what you wish to call GOD, and perhaps it aught to  be,

then assuming that this theory of what ghosts are and where they go is true, it is essentially only a different bunch of words to describe  and understand a very ancient belief that we all are made of the same  'stuff' as is God, and that when we die, we once again become 'one with God'.

I currently believe that we will find our Universe is in fact  sentient, and very much like us in most ways, and, about as much aware of  us, as we are of whatever sentient beings may be living inside our brain-universes.

What About Religion  ?

As Tom Harpur recently wrote in Toronto  Star,

Religious and Spiritual should mean the same thing.

Religion the way most people practice it, has nothing what-so-ever to do with Spirituality, nor any MonoTheistic GOD, at least not for a very very long  time.

Religion is more like Secular Government, a set of common  guidelines, rules and regulations, a collective bureaucracy that makes it  possible for many people to live together in close proximity.

What About Spirituality ?

Religion has been  telling us for millenia that our true selves is Spirit. That we can related  to and interact with other Spirits, and ultimately with the Supreme Spirit  Being.

And, that after death, if we're good, our individual Spirit  will 'Rise Up' and become ONE with the Great Spirit, the White Light, to be  with GOD.

Since science is so very close to proving beyond doubt that a co-hesive ecto-plasmic energy entity survives the death of the physical body,

Why is it so difficult to accept that this explanation is  precisely the same thing, in scietific terminology, for Spirit.

Science proving the existence of this after-death 'entity' in  no way eliminates nor in any way diminishes the age-old meaning of  Spirit.

Science is proving that meaning is correct.

Which, indeed, gives the whole meaning of Spirit, a renewed reason to believe totally in the 'Higher Plane(s) of Existence', Life After Death, and GOD.

How  you cope with the proof, relate to the proof, and with all of 'that' which  is now scientifically proved to exist, is still your choice, as has always  been said by all religions.

What about Me ?

By understanding what happens scientifically, we can give ourselves the renewal of 'faith-with-proof' in Spirituality, based on the scientific proof of why it is so very important that we all try our best to live what we would call  'good' lives, because none of us truly wants to wind up becoming a Hungry  Ghost.

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